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Stolwerk Metaal is since 1967 an international operating company and trades in all kind of scrap and metals (ferro and non-ferro). We may count worlds largest multinationals to our customer ring, but also the middle and small company and individuals still belongs to our fixed customer ring. We are a modern and efficiently conducted recycle company that makes a substantial contribution of keeping our environment clean.

Beside the scrap and metals trade we have a number of side activities, among wich;

* Purchase and sale of used machines, engines and useful iron.
* Placing of containers for ferro and non-ferro metals.
* Assignee of all demolition work.
* Accompanying asbestos works.

We'll hereby give you an overvieuw of our company activities;

Scrap and metal trade (ferro and non-ferro);

Purchase of all kinds of alloys, several qualities of scrap, stainless steel, wires, red cupper, lead and
other kinds of metals.

Ferro and non-ferro metals.

Placing of open and closed containers for ferro and non-ferro metals, from 1m³ until 40 m³ containers;
We' ve got our own trucks which we use for container transportation.

We' ve got several open and closed containers, from 1 m³ until 40 m³, they will be placed on request of the costumer and be picked up or exchanged within 24 hours after receiving a call from the customer.

Purchase and sale of machinery, engines and useful iron;

Purchase and sale of surplus materials, Used machenery, several engines, pipes and beams and other kinds of useful steel and stainless steel materials.

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Assignee of all demolition works;
We 're a certified company and we 're specialized in demolition works among which dismantle of machinery, tanks, constructions and also combined works regarding; demolition, renovation and dismantle work of steel or bricks.

We also accompanying asbestos works.

Al our coworkers are in the possesion of an Saftey certificate "VCA". This certificate is based on working safely.

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